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EIT RawMaterials Co-Location Centre North in Luleå


EIT RawMaterials an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, is the largest and strongest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide. Its vision is a Europe where raw materials are a strength. EIT RawMaterials unites more than 100 partners from industry, research and academia, from more than 20 European countries. They collaborate on finding new, innovative solutions to improving the raw materials sector along the entire value chain - from extraction to processing, to recycling and reuse. EIT RawMaterials partners have more than 700,000 employees and revenue in excess of EUR 200 billion.

The activities of EIT Raw Materials are managed by regional Co-Location Centres (CLC) based in Luleå (SE), Espoo (FI), Leuven (BE), Metz (FR), Rome (IT), Wroclaw (PL) and the Headquarters in Berlin (DE).

CLC North The Northern CLC is established by partners from Denmark, Ireland and Sweden with resources and expertise covering the whole value chain of raw materials. The three countries are top positioned at the Global Innovation Index (GII) with resilient ecosystems, well-integrated Knowledge Triangle, efficient national innovation policies and strong entrepreneurial cultures. The innovation ecosystem provides excellence in primary resources:

  • Exploration, mining, mineral processing and metallurgy
  • Equipment, tooling and machinery for mining, mineral and metal producing industry
  • Implementation of ICT-solutions for the RM sector (process optimization, automation, IoT)
  • Advanced practices related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable Arctic Mining.

The Northern CLC Steering Group consists of representatives from all Core and Associate Partners. The Northern CLC Stakeholders Forum allows active involvement of local, regional and national Task and Support Partners on a regular basis.

The partners jointly establishing the CLC North are: Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB, Aughinish Alumina Ltd, Boliden Minerals AB, Chalmers University of Technology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Geological Survey of Sweden, LKAB, Luleå University of Technology, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL), Trinity College Dublin, Uppsala University, and University of Limerick.

The Northern CLC Management Team is an integrated, diverse and committed team composed of complementary competences, experiences and networks. Its role is to facilitate the project portfolio, activities and interests of the Northern CLC partners and to manage a transparent process building a community with trust between partners throughout EIT RawMaterials.

We are currently looking for a General Manager of our Co-Location Centre North

As the General Manager of the CLC, the General Manager will be accountable for building a strong raw materials innovation platform for leading academic, research and business organizations across the region in close alignment with other European RawMaterials-KIC entities. As part of our evolution to becoming financially sustainable, the General Manager will need to contribute actively to attracting other sources of funding with possible local/regional relevance. As a member of the EIT RawMaterials extended executive team, s/he will work closely and consult with the Steering Committee of the CLC and report to the Board and Chief Executive of the EIT RawMaterials Group.

The General Manager will:

  • Lead the CLC North`s operations and be responsible for overall functioning of the company, ensuring smooth cooperation with and across EIT RawMaterials organization.
  • Act as a high-level representative of EIT RawMaterials at the transnational CLC level.
  • Be responsible for financial, legal and administrative issues at CLC level.
  • As a member of EIT RawMaterials executive team, contribute to the development of the annual Business Plan, Grant Application and Reporting.
  • Develop and execute Northern CLC business strategy with active participation of Steering Committee and several core and network partners.
  • Actively facilitate networking and innovation activities between Partners attached to the Northern CLC with Partners attached to other CLCs to stimulate new constellations of cooperation across Europe.

The ideal candidate has:

  • Several years of relevant and extensive management experience including strategic, personnel and financial administration as well as project management from major academic and/or industrial enterprises.
  • Worked in an international context and in complex matrix organization.
  • A proven track record of innovation management, business creation and Research & Development preferably across different organisations (industry, universities) and in raw materials sector.
  • Extensive and appropriate network of business contacts from across the "Knowledge Triangle" in the Northern European raw materials innovation ecosystem would be considered an asset.
  • Strong identification with KIC RawMaterials vision; strong own vision for Northern CLC, drive and motivation to act.

The General Manager will have the following leadership characteristics such as:

  • Openness and partnership orientation - ability to connect people and organizations across broad range of topics and across natural market boundaries in order to share knowledge and create value; capacity for building alliances between industry, public sector, research, education and other stakeholders with relevance for innovation.
  • Team working ability with excellent leadership and communication skills that can operate also on a strategic level with EIT RawMaterials partners and stakeholders.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to engage, animate, facilitate, influence, convince, motivate and mentor various groups and individuals.
  • High work-ethics, proactivity and autonomy in work-organization, coordination and discipline.
  • Positive, encouraging style, personality and approach.

Employment and Travel

You will be employed by EIT RawMaterials CLC North AB, the legal entity representing the Northern Co-Location Centre. This is a is a full-time permanent position. You will be based in Luleå, Sweden but are required to travel several times per month to the Northern CLC countries and to different EIT Raw Materials locations across Europe.

EIT RawMaterials offers

We offer a competitive compensation package.

We value diversity in the CLC team and welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of age, gender, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background.

How to apply

Please apply by registrate your CV with cover letter, in English, not later than 31 July. Interviews with interesting candidates will take place on August 21-22 in Luleå.

For information about the position contact: Mikael Ramström, Chairman, EIT RawMaterials NCLC Steering Committee, +46 70 6391303 Andreas Klossek, COO and Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials GmbH, +49 162 2601914

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